नेपाल सरकार
सहरी विकास मन्त्रालय

काठमाडौं उपत्यका विकास प्राधिकरण

क्यान्टिन संचालन सम्बन्धी सिलबन्दी दरभाउपत्र रद्ध गरिएको सूचना | विकसित घडेरी जग्गा बिक्रीकाे वोलपत्र आव्हान सम्बन्धी सार्वजानिक सूचना (२०८०-०६-१८) विकसित घडेरी जग्गा बिक्रीकाे वोलपत्र आव्हान सम्बन्धी सूचना काठमाडौं उपत्यका विकास प्राधिकरणको मिति २०८०/०५/०१ को निर्णयानुसारको सरुवा नामावली काठमाडौं उपत्यका विकास प्राधिकरणको मिति २०८०/०५/०१ को निर्णयानुसारको सरुवा नामावली बोलपत्र छौट गर्ने आशयको सूचना ९०% काम सकिदा यस्तो देखियो धोबीखोला करिडोर, बाँकी काम धमाधम हुदै स्थानीय तहसँग सहकार्य गरेर मात्रै बाहिरी चक्रपथ निर्माण गर्छाैं :प्राधिकरण उपत्यका विकास प्राधिकरणको विकास आयुक्तमा ढकाल नियुक्त का.उ.वि.प्रा_लिखित परिक्षाको नतिजा

प्राधिकरणका हालका प्राथमिकताहरू



  1. To prepare an Integrated Physical Development Plan for Kathmandu Valley, with due consideration for disaster risk mitigation, within the ambit of National Urban Policy 2068.

  2. Under the guidance of National Land Use Policy 2069, develop, articulate, and implement risk sensitive land use program that will enhance safety of ‘life and property’, increase economic productivity, food security and upscale environmental and aesthetic beauty.

  3. To prepare a master plan for effective public transport network in Kathmandu Valley that can meet the increasing demand for mobility of urban population and promote residential and commercial development based on development of transport infrastructure.

  4. Improve financial, technical, and managerial capacity of KVDA, by soliciting and involving domestic and foreign development partners, where necessary.

  5. Promotion of a model green satellite city in about 5000+ Ropanies of land..

  6. Initiate Kathmandu Valley greening programs.

  7. Development of public open space at already identified 887 sites consisting of 5000 Ropanies of land.

  8. Promoting a platform for Intra and Inter Agency Learning, Sharing and Innovation within and outside Nepal to create a common understanding for Kathmandu Valley’s Development Vision, Mission, and Strategies among the stakeholders.

  9. Conduct Institutional and Capacity Building Activities of KVDA including establishment of Learning - Innovation - Application (LIA) Center for Valley Development.

  10. Coordinate the activities of multiple agencies involved in services like land administration, drinking water, sewerage and waste management, road, communication, electricity etc., which constitute critical aspects of urban development.

  11. Engaging Academia, Civil Societies, Professional Bodies, Young Entrepreneurs, Business Communities and Media, to align their thoughts, programs and actions to accomplish KVDA’s Vision and Mission for the Valley (V4V)
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